The day and night of Benidorm after the route of “El cover”

Benidorm is a city known for its excellent climate, enviable natural surroundings and iconic skyline, replete with skyscrapers. However, there is another treasure in this Valencian town that attracts the attention of many: music. Benidorm has a rich musical tradition and since the middle of the last century has become a magnet for emerging artists and musicians, being one of the best places in Spain to enjoy live concerts. Not to mention its famous festival, which, in its day, launched the career of a certain Julio Iglesias…

That’s why today we invite you to explore a different side of Benidorm, following in the footsteps of the film “El Cover” (2021) which tells the story of Dani, a young musician who lives in the city and how, through music and together with his friends, he tries to make his dreams come true and overcome his problems. Following in his footsteps, Benidorm Film Office has designed a route so you won’t miss a corner of the city.

Benidorm by night: the music

The route starts near the sea, on the promenades that have made this Alicante city famous. Do you remember the sunsets on the beach of Dani, Sandra and their group? It’s hard to resist the feeling of the cool breeze coming in from the sea at sunset. You can also visit the live music venues while you enjoy a drink and pretend to be an artist who has just arrived in the city.

Levante beach is one of the main scenes in the film. Here you can see several scenes that highlight the large expanse of golden sand and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. This beach is also known for its lively nightlife, which is also reflected in the film through the scenes in the bars and nightclubs in the area.

The Square is home to a large number of live music venues / Benidorm Film Office

Following in the footsteps of Dani, the character played by Alex Monner, another of the essential areas is Gerona street, the epicentre of the show in Benidorm. This is where the main character walks along to the rhythm of Ring my bell, a scene that you can’t fail to emulate in person. Neon lights, hotels and live music, a somewhat eclectic mix of Las Vegas, Manhattan and the Spanish coast. Here you’ll find the California Beach Club Hotel and the Spanglish, the venue where the musical battle was filmed, which is actually the Morgan Tavern.

One of the liveliest areas of the city is The Square, with a large number of places where you can have a good time. You’ll find this “square” in the streets near the intersection of Calle Gerona and Avenida de Mallorca.

Dani’s route also includes a visit to Benidorm’s triangular square, known as the “teeth square”, where you will find the Bar El Cortijo, a place that appears in the film and is famous for its tapas and lively atmosphere.

Tio Ximo cove is the last stop on Dani, Sandra and Amy’s route. This magical beach on the coast of Alicante captivates all visitors with its fine sand that blends with the rocks that surround it, creating an unparalleled natural scene. This is where the famous picnic was filmed, where they decided to cover “Los campanilleros”. 

Tío Ximo cove is ideal for watching the sunset / Benidorm Film Office

Benidorm by day: the bicycle

Remember the views at night when Dani looks out over the city from a lookout point with benches while walking the dog? This is the Benidorm Cross in the Serra Gelada. We’re going to choose this place as a starting point to discover another side of Benidorm, which will surely surprise you. Imagine watching the sunrise from Serra Gelada, a spectacular natural spot located on the north coast of the city.

Panoramic view of Playa de Levante / Benidorm Film Office

This maritime-terrestrial natural park stands out for its impressive landscape of cliffs and biodiversity, where there are several trails and routes that allow you to discover its natural beauty and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The distances are short, but the most fashionable option, which many visitors prefer, is to go cycling.

Benidorm has become an increasingly popular destination for cycling enthusiasts. Many of them choose this city as a starting point for touring the roads and mountains of the province of Alicante, thanks to its excellent climate and ideal conditions for this sport.

The cycling routes available in Benidorm are varied and suitable for all levels. From a relaxing bike ride along the promenade, perfect for enjoying with the family, to demanding training rides for professional cycling teams. Whether you prefer the road or the mountains, there are options to suit all tastes. Here are some of the most popular routes.

Bicycle routes in Benidorm

Benidorm is the starting point for a wide range of routes. One of the most accessible is the route along the promenade, an easy and pleasant route that ends at the Cross, where you will have magnificent views.

If you feel like going out around Benidorm we suggest two routes to spend the morning. The Serra Gelada route if you’re on a road bike or the Amadorio reservoir route if you’re on a mountain bike.

One of the routes around the town / Benidorm Film Office

If you are looking for strong emotions and routes for professionals, then your routes are the Vuelta a la Font de Partagat, the Vuelta a la Sierra de Aitana or the Vuelta a la Vall de Gallinera. All of them go through beautiful landscapes of the interior of the province.

If you’ve got the itch, don’t wait any longer and start planning your getaway to Benidorm. Be sure to check out all the ideas and proposals that the Benidorm tourism website has to offer, fun is guaranteed!

By Víctor Cervello

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