Andalusia, “The Crown” territory

Have you ever wondered why we love the universe of “The Crown” so much? Maybe it’s that elegant way of making us enter a world where reality and fiction intertwine without us noticing. The truth is that the image we usually have of the English royal family is closer to fantasy than reality. Perhaps that is why this series has gripped us all in an addictive way. Few fans will need reminding that it is one of the most awarded series of the last few years and without a doubt, one of the flagships of the Netflix platform.

One of the great attractions of this series is to know the life, much more mundane than they appear, of the English royal family, but … What do you know about the reality of the series? The truth is that it is much closer to you than you might think and Andalucía Film Commission has a lot to tell you about it. Although, unsurprisingly, most of the scenes are shot in locations in the UK, there is one place that has become a favourite for the producers to recreate all sorts of the royal family’s travels, a land called Andalucía.

Travel the world without leaving Andalusia

From the marshes of Doñana to the Tabernas desert, from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada to the beaches of the Costa del Sol, Andalusia has such a variety of landscapes that make it the ideal setting to recreate almost any corner of the world. Add to this the vast architectural legacy that nurtures its cities and towns, and you have a candy for the producers of “The Crown” and a paradise for screen tourism.

Scene T4 depicting a trip around Australia filmed at the Monte Miramar Palace, Malaga / Netflix.

It is not surprising that the producers of the series have wanted to return, year after year, to film in Andalusia. Moreover, it’s not just about the sets; the climate, the atmosphere and, above all, the people and the gastronomy, make the filming work a pleasure worth repeating year after year.

Do you remember Princess Margaret’s trip to a Caribbean island in season four? Well, the reality is that that tropical luxury spot was none other than the Playa de los Alemanes, in Tarifa, Cadiz. In season four, the series shows us Charles and Diana’s tour of Australia. For example, when they arrive in Brisbane, they walk through the streets and the public cheers for them, that scene was filmed in the Hotel Málaga Palacio, in fact practically the whole tour was filmed in Andalusia. 

The list of Andalusian locations is very long. Seville’s Plaza de América was used to recreate the colonial Egypt of Mohamed Al-Fayed’s youth, and the inhospitable landscape of Almeria’s Tabernas Desert became Australia’s Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, home to the famous Ayer’s Rock-Uluru sandstone monolith.

I’m sure by now you’re thinking that it would be great to be able to visit some, or all, of these locations, emulating the travels of the famous British royals. What if we told you that this is very easy and that there is already a route of “The Crown” through Andalusia?

“Andalucía, Destino de Cine”

Discover why Andalusia shine as film destination while touring the sets of one of your favourite series? It’s a great plan that’s hard to resist. This is the proposal of Andalucía Film Commission: let yourself be guided by the route of The Crownthat you will find on the website of Andalucía, Destino de Cine, and experience on your holidays what you have seen on the screen.

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Screen tourism in its purest form. Add to the traditional charms of this land the glamour of feeling like a queen for a day. Not surprisingly, this is the region with the most scenes in the series, to the point that Andalusia has become the territory of “The Crown”.

The Alcázar of Jerez, Cádiz, turned into the Egyptian city of Alexandria / Andalucía Film Commission

And where to start when there is so far to go? Wherever you want. Cádiz could be a good option, as it is one of the provinces where most of the filming has been done. From the Hospital de Mora, next to the famous Caleta beach, to the fantastic archaeological site of the ancient Roman city of Baelo Claudia, very close to Tarifa, which was used as the setting for Diana’s visit to Italy. The Alcázar of Jerez, the Arsenal of La Carraca or the Convent of Santo Domingo: in most cases, these are tourist sites that you should visit, whether with or without the series.

In the province of Seville, you’ll find the Casa Pilatos, where Mohamed Al-Fayed’s wedding in Egypt is depicted, or the town of San Juan de Aznalfarache, which served as Greece in the third season, among other places. And what about Malaga? It will surprise you with the amount of resources it has offered to the series, pretending to be different Australian cities such as Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane, or San Francisco airport in the 60’s. And speaking of Australia, have you ever thought about the similarity of its deserts with Almería? A must-see for the screen tourist, not only for “The Crown”, but also for the large amount of filming it has hosted over the last few years.

El Llano del Búho, in Tabernas, Almería, recreated the Australian desert during the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales at T4 / Netflix

Whether you’re a recent fan or a die-hard follower for years, it’s clear that you can’t miss a getaway to the locations of “The Crown” in Andalusia. A holiday that you can also combine with the best of each place: film landscapes, cities with a lot of elves and the best gastronomic experiences. Don’t think twice, the route of “The Crown” and Andalusia, Destino de Cine, are waiting for you!

By Victor Cervelló

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