Route through The Monegros region with “Jamón, jamón”

Los Monegros, that harsh and beautiful land in the heart of the Ebro valley, has long been the perfect setting for numerous film productions. However, there is one film in particular, which you will surely remember with nostalgia and which has left an indelible mark on the history of this place. Thirty years ago, the director Bigas Luna chose the Monegros as the main setting for his acclaimed film “Jamón, jamón” (1992). The romantic drama that became an international hit, winning awards at Venice and the Goya Awards, catapulted its stars Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem to fame.

The real “Jamón, Jamón” territory

Beyond the plot and the cast, the Monegros became another character in the film, showing its imposing desert beauty, its wild landscapes and its cultural uniqueness. Immerse yourself in this screen tourism experience thanks to the itinerary designed by the Monegros Film Commission, and get to know this region of Aragon in a different way. The “Jamón, jamónRoute will make you experience a getaway to the Monegros that you are not expecting, hand in hand with the best moments of this cult film.

The starting point is the picturesque village of Monegrillo, where you will find the starting point of this special proposal. Here, as well as reliving the film, you can disconnect from your routine and explore the area on various excursions, such as the Monegrillo Viewpoint Route, or explore the Sierra de Alcubierre, discovering exciting mountain bike routes.

Continuing along the route, you will find yourself at the crossroads where the epic ham battle between the characters of Raúl and Jose Luis (Javier Bardem and Jordi Mollá) was filmed. The place is a seemingly charmless warehouse, but you won’t deny that the intensity of the final scene fits poetically with the immensity of the Monegrin landscape in the background.

You can follow the route through the posters / Monegros Film Commission

The last part of the route will take you to the area around Peñalba, the village with the largest number of locations in the film. Here you will discover places you are sure to remember, such as the petrol station where Javier Bardem plays slot machines and ends up meeting Penelope Cruz, the restaurant that serves as a club and the most memorable image from the film: the imposing giant Osborne Bull advertisement. This is one of the last examples of this mythical Spanish image and the place where many scenes from the film were filmed.

The “Jamón, jamón” route in Los Monegros is much more than an opportunity to immerse yourself in screen tourism. It is the perfect excuse to explore breathtaking landscapes and connect with the essence of this unique Aragonese region. That’s why, once you’ve followed in Bigas Luna’s footsteps through this destination, we recommend that you extend your trip and let yourself be surprised by everything this territory has to offer.

Let yourself be surprised by Los Monegros

Los Monegros hides many secrets that we invite you to discover. Explore its charming villages and discover its tranquillity and deep-rooted traditions. Sariñena, known as the “capital” of Los Monegros, will surprise you with its charming old quarter and the famous Carthusian monastery of Nuestra Señora de las Fuentes, a 16th-century Baroque monastery on the outskirts of the town. Don’t miss Grañén either, where you’ll love its beautiful 16th-century church dedicated to St. James the Apostle, whose main altarpiece is an iconographic reference of the period.

Inside the Cartuja de las Fuentes / Monegros Film Commission

Without a doubt, the pearl of Los Monegros is the 12th century Royal Monastery of Santa María de Sijena, in the village of Villanueva de Sijena. It is one of the most important monasteries of the Middle Ages, as it was one of the richest female convents of the crown, as well as housing the remains of queens, infantas and King Pedro II of Aragon. Discover its beautiful Romanesque church and explore its cloister and chapels. The monastery houses a valuable artistic and cultural treasure, in its museum you will find unique pieces to understand the art and history of the Crown of Aragon.

Birthplace of Michael Servetus / Monegros Film Commission

In this region you should also visit the museum and the house where Michael Servetus was born, in Villanueva de Sijena. This houses the interpretation centre of the 16th century humanist, theologian and doctor, who discovered the pulmonary circulation of the blood. We also recommend you take The Orwell Route, a tour of the key places of the Spanish Civil War in the Sierra de Alcubierre, following the stories of the British writer.

Inside one of the trenches of the Orwell Route / Monegros Film Commission

As you can see, you may arrive at Los Monegros following in the footsteps of Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, but you will soon discover that this land has many more attractions than you might imagine. Undoubtedly, the fascination it generates has been essential to be chosen by so many productions in recent years, allowing Monegros Film Commission and Aragón Film Commission to attract all kinds of shootings. In this case, you are the protagonist of this trip to Los Monegros, where they are waiting for you with open arms, ready to reveal their secrets and captivate you with the beauty of the Aragonese wasteland.

By Victor Cervelló

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