“The Mallorca Files”, the series that shows you the most authentic Mallorca

Would you like to discover the most genuine Mallorca? If you’re a fan of the BBC series “The Mallorca Files”, you’ll soon be packing your bags to go on a trip to discover the places that this series reveals to you. The adventures of its main characters, the German policeman Max Winter and the British inspector Miranda Blake, solving cases among the expatriate colony living on the island, take us in each chapter to a new corner that allows us to know something more than its famous beaches: wineries, sports, art galleries, golf courses, cycling routes…

The best locations of “The Mallorca Files”

The success of this series, with more than six million viewers, indicates that there is no better way to discover the island than on the trail of Max and Miranda. Pedro Barbadillo, head of the Mallorca Film Commission, explains. “The series has worked so well in the English and German markets that we have created a ‘movie map’ that serves as a guide to the places where it has been filmed”. It is difficult to watch any episode of the series and not appreciate the beauty of the landscapes or the uniqueness of its villages. Mallorca is an island full of contrasts and corners to discover. Although it is known for its beautiful beaches, its interior holds treasures that often go unnoticed.

The “movie map” shows you five film itineraries that will allow you to discover spectacular and unknown places on the Balearic Islands. We suggest you start with the route that takes you to the Serra de la Tramuntana, one of the most spectacular drives in Spain. Mountain and sea alternate in a landscape that is ideal for mid-mountain trekking, while enjoying the views of the Mediterranean.

On route through the Serra de la Tramuntana

We will start our journey at Palma de Mallorca train station, where you can catch the Ferrocarril de Sóller. This is a vintage train, mostly made of wood, which has retained the same appearance since its inauguration in 1912. It is a real journey back in time, with lacquered wooden walls, floors and ceilings, sash windows, gilded sconces and leather and metal seats. Don’t miss this opportunity to contemplate the Mallorcan landscape from this relaxing way of travelling. Something that Miranda and Max could not do in the episode of the series in which they travel on this train in search of a missing model.

Serra de la Tramuntana / Mallorca Film Commission

Sóller is a hidden gem between the mountains and the sea, where we recommend you visit both the town and the valley of the same name. This area is known for its modernist architecture and landscapes to frame. In the town, pay special attention to the Plaza de la Constitución, where you will find some of the most unique buildings. The church of San Bartolomé, a Gothic temple dating from the conquest of James I, has an impressive Modernista façade. The nearby building of the Banco de Sóller, dating from 1899, is also modernist; both works are by the architect Joan Rubió, a disciple of Gaudí.

Panoramic view of Sóller / Mallorca Film Commission

To get closer to the sea you have to go down to the port and the Barrio de Santa Catalina, the old fishermen’s quarter. With the typical appearance of a fishing village, with small huts on steep cobbled streets named after winds, Santa Catalina is the perfect place to walk around and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Fancy enjoying a movie-like sunset? This is where Max and Miranda take a break, sipping an ice cream and exchanging views on the case at hand. From the port area you can go to the Sa Creu lighthouse or go up to the viewpoint of the Santa Catalina Oratory and, if you want to walk a little further, we recommend you go to the Capgrós lighthouse.

To continue the journey, head into the Serra de Tramuntana towards Fornalutx, a small mountain village with the reputation of being one of the most beautiful in Spain. Fall in love with its pretty, narrow, steep streets, cobbled lanes and stone houses. Don’t miss its natural surroundings, citrus orchards and almond groves. The surroundings of this village have become a paradise for those who enjoy hiking and cycling.

After spending a few days inland, do you feel like getting close to the sea again? There is nowhere better than Sa Calobra beach, the place where the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range comes close to touching the sea. In the municipality of Escorca, which is a little further inland, you will find this idyllic cove created by nature at the end of the Torrent de Pareis. It is a beautiful beach between two imposing cliffs that recreate a most cinematographic scene.

Sa Calobra Cycle Route / Mallorca Film Commission

If you are a cycling enthusiast you cannot miss this famous but tough route: the Sa Calobra road. A road that winds through the steep rock walls of the sierra. The most difficult part is the way back, as there is a steep slope, especially at the end of the route. The views and the surroundings are well worth the effort and it is a very popular route during holidays and public holidays. Here Max and Miranda have a race in the chapter in which a cyclist disappears on this route. 

To round off this route through the Tramuntana mountain range, we recommend a visit to Estellencs. This village, still far from the crowds and tourist overcrowding, offers a more authentic experience. What makes this Mallorcan corner so special is the combination of architecture and nature. Narrow streets, stone houses and historical elements from its medieval past, such as the old washing places or the 16th century Torre de Tem Alemany.

Estellencs / Mallorca Film Commission

Our tour ends here, but this island has much more to offer you. What’s more, “The Mallorca Files” shows us a destination that lends itself to visit all year round, so what are you waiting for to make your getaway?

By Víctor Cervello

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