Resines and Rellán take us to the Costa del Sol with “Sentimos las molestias”

Nobody said that getting old was easy, but it becomes easy when it happens on the Costa del Sol, Malaga. This is the premise of the series “Sentimos las molestias” (Juan Cavestany, Álvaro Fernández Armero, 2022). After the success of its first season, filmed in Madrid, the series moves to the province of Malaga.

It’s nice to find fiction series that stray a little from the typical love and adventure themes, dealing with such deadly issues as what it means to grow older. This production explores common issues that arise as the years go by, especially the challenge of coming to terms with old age. This comedy with touches of harsh reality tells the story of Rafael Jiménez, played by Miguel Ángel Rellán, a former rocker who refuses to put his guitar aside. The years and a difficult illness lead him to seek support from his friend Rafael Müller, played by Antonio Resines, a refined orchestra conductor who is burdened with his own difficulties, recently separated and seeing his career threatened by the next generation.

It is in this second season that the series travels from Madrid to the Costa del Sol. It is not surprising that the creators of the series have chosen this destination, as Mijas and Torremolinos combine the best of Andalusian charm with the energy of the cosmopolitan Costa del Sol. Although this is just one of many productions that have chosen Malaga. Thanks to the collaboration of the Málaga Film Commission and the Andalucía Film Commission, many recent films have been shot in this province, such as the series “The Crown” (2021) and films like “Padre no hay más que uno” (Santiago Segura, 2019) or “Red Notice” (Rawson Marshall Thurber, 2021).

Rediscovering Mijas and Torremolinos

As often happens when we need support to overcome adversity, in this second season the Rafas meet a new character who helps them to accept themselves. Alejandro, played by Manuel Galiana, becomes a new spiritual guide towards old age. He organizes a trip to the Costa del Sol, which the protagonists join along with other companions. Tackling the typical pensioner’s trip, which represents precisely everything they pretend to reject, is the way to channel the series towards a path in which the protagonists begin to find their place.

The bus trip takes them to Torremolinos which, although a classic destination, still has some of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol. It is precisely on the beach of La Carihuela, easily recognizable by its beach bars, where we can see the protagonists enjoying the sun. But the city is much more than just beautiful beaches. It has monuments not to be missed, such as the Casa de Los Navajas or the Torre Pimentel, the popular promenade or the El Bajondillo neighbourhood, an emblem of Torremolinos that exudes authenticity and tradition.

Resines, Rellán and Galiana strolling through Mijas / Movistar+

The second stop in the series takes us a little further away from the coast, but it is a must if you visit Malaga: Mijas. This is one of the most authentic villages in Andalusia, a postcard of whitewashed houses, flowers in the windows and captivating narrow streets. Don’t miss a walk through the old town and up to the gardens and the Mirador de la Muralla, which offers one of the best panoramic views of the Costa del Sol. One of the most curious attractions in Mijas is the donkey-taxi ride, although nowadays there is a more modern version which is just as fun: the new tourist scooters used by the Rafas in the series.

Movie hotels in Andalusia

During their visit to Torremolinos, the Rafas explore the iconic Pez Espada Hotel, where we see them approach the pool and visit the discotheque. This is a nod to one of the most emblematic hotels on the Andalusian coast. Back in the 1960s, this establishment was frequented by renowned artists such as Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra, who famously had the altercation here that landed him in the Malaga police dungeon.

The hotels on the Costa del Sol have a lot to tell about the history of cinema. Over the years, they have housed international stars such as Brigitte Bardot, Walt Disney and Kirk Douglas. These hotels have served both as a base of operations for various productions and as film sets themselves. With the Film Hotels of Andalusia, a Film Destination route, you can discover all about these emblematic accommodations. Places like the Pez Espada, the Gran Hotel Miramar or the Don Pepe, among others, where it is worth, at least, having a drink as if you were a Hollywood star.

Los Rafas having a drink at the Hotel Pez Espada / Movistar +

Travelling at your own pace

Whatever your age, the culture, beaches, gastronomy and entertainment in Torremolinos and Mijas have a lot to offer for you to enjoy an unforgettable getaway. Check out the official websites of their tourist offices and organize your tailor-made trip. And if you’re itching to explore film tourism in the area, the Andalucía, Destino de Cine and Málaga Film Commission websites have recommendations to make your next getaway a film experience.

By Victor Cervelló

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