Menorca, much more than a screen destination

Menorca, the beautiful island, is a true paradise in the Mediterranean that has captivated both tourists and the film industry. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and dreamlike beaches, Menorca has become a screen tourism destination thanks to the famous Estrella Damm commercials. In 2010, 2018 and 2021 the island was the backdrop for these memorable spots, showcasing the beauty and magic of its locations. From the beaches of Cala Mitjana and Cala Macarella to the charming streets of Ciutadella. The island is a recommended tourist destination all year round and it is outside the summer months that you will be able to capture its essence. Immerse yourself in the charm of Minorca and live an unforgettable experience in the setting of the stories that have conquered millions of viewers.

Set course for Menorca and experience it at any time of the year

Now that you’ve set sail for this destination that the screen can never do justice to, don’t miss any of the suggestions made by Miguel Huesa, from the Menorca Film Commission. Thanks to his suggestions you can discover the most cinematographic places on the island, as well as activities to do all year round. Today we bring you the best proposals to spend some great days in this Balearic jewel in any season of the year.

In spring, the mild temperatures bring us out of our winter lethargy, we feel like a getaway, fresh air, concerts and the chance to conquer the terraces once again. It is precisely in these months when Menorca comes alive with the Menorca Jazz Festival, the island’s annual event with the best live music. With venues all over the island, it is the perfect excuse to explore its geography. Mahón, with a good number of concerts, is a good base camp to enjoy a weekend. But as well as visiting this charming town, we recommend a visit to the Favàritx lighthouse, one of the most beautiful lighthouses on the island. This is where the thriller “El Faro” (2023), starring Hugo Silva and Irene Montalá, was filmed. This place is located just a few kilometres from Mahón and a visit to it will transport you to a dreamlike place.

Port of Mahón / Menorca Film Commission

Obviously, summer is high season in a destination known internationally for the beauty of its coastline. Beach days can be complemented with an afternoon stroll on a terrace or a stroll around the craft markets. One of the obligatory stops is Ciutadella, known for its views, summer atmosphere and evening markets. It was also the filming location for “La Vida Lliure” (2018), written and directed by Marc Recha and starring Sergi López.

Favaritx Lighthouse / Menorca Film Commission

In summer, the villages of Menorca come alive with their patron saint festivals. The famous celebration of Sant Joan in Ciutadella is joined by those of Ferreries and Sant Bartomeu.  The latter are less crowded than the others, offering the opportunity to participate in the most genuine Menorcan tradition and fun. Here horses and their riders are the stars of the festival, along with parades, street markets and open-air dances. 

Autumn in Menorca awakens our gastronomic senses, inviting us to enjoy visits to local cheese dairies and wineries. Between September and October the Mostra de Cuina de Menorca is held, where restaurants all over the island offer the best version of both traditional recipes and updated gastronomic proposals. The Mostra de Cuina is a good excuse to get to know charming villages, following some recommendations to continue practising screen tourism. This is the time to go to Sant Lluís, the white village with a French past that hosted part of the filming of “La isla bonita” (2015). In the Molí de Sant Lluís, some scenes of this film directed and starring Fernando Colomo were filmed.

Streets of Ciutadella / Menorca Film Commission

Between December and March, the island recovers its ancestral rhythm. The cold never sets in on the Balearic Islands, and now is the time to take advantage of the low season to discover Minorca at your leisure. As well as enjoying the clear skies and green landscapes, you can immerse yourself in some of the most traditional festivities, such as the Diada de Sant Antoni in Ciutadella, the island’s patron saint. It is also the ideal time to explore the island following the Talayotic settlements, Menorca’s native prehistoric culture, where the Taules are the island’s endemic ancient monument.

Menorca, the best setting for outdoor activities

There is no better way to start talking about outdoor activities in Menorca than by mentioning its now famous Camí de Cavalls. This path, which dates back to medieval times and runs around the island, is probably the best way to get to know Menorca. The route is steep and steep, but the variety of landscapes and views are well worth the effort. It can be done on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The only thing to bear in mind is to book accommodation well in advance, especially in high season.  

Like any island, one of the best ways to get to know its coastline is by sea. There are many opportunities to do so, in its entirety or in parts, paddling a kayak. This is a sport suitable for everyone that is pure contact with nature and allows you to reach the most hidden corners that cannot be reached from land. Without a doubt, one of the best moments of your holidays will be paddling to Cala Turqueta or Cala Rafalet, two corners that are difficult to reach by land, although they are well known for their Estrella Damm filming.

Hidden coves abound in Menorca / Menorca Film Commission

The truth is that the range of outdoor activities on offer in Minorca is one of the most complete in Spain: as well as kayaking, it is possible to go scuba diving, windsurfing, paddle surfing and sailing. On land, in addition to the Camí de Cavalls, there is a wide variety of mountain trails for hiking and horse riding. Menorcans are horse lovers and the island has its own breed, the cavall menorquí. Menorca is also a paradise for golfers and birdwatchers. What more could you ask for?

Menorca, European Region of Gastronomy 2022

To complete your film experience in Menorca, we recommend you savour it in the literal sense of the word. Menorca is in the spotlight of gastronomy in capital letters. The proliferation of haute cuisine names on the island has been commonplace in recent years, together with the combination of fresh, seasonal and zero-kilometre produce, which is now essential in many kitchens. Throughout the year, various events are organised related to the different products that come from the countryside and the sea straight to the palate.

Binibeca, a fishing village near Mahón / Menorca Film Commission

Menorca was proclaimed European Region of Gastronomy 2022 by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Arts and Tourism (IGCAT). With this distinction, the values of the island’s gastronomic culture are recognised and it is intended as a stimulus to empower the local community about the importance of safeguarding and promoting its food, cultural, artistic and sustainable tourism resources.

We hope we have given you a complete overview of the endless possibilities that await you in Menorca, a true cinematographic jewel that continues to captivate the film industry through the Menorca Film Commission. From its dreamlike landscapes to its rich culture and traditional festivities, this island invites you to live an unforgettable experience, come and let yourself be seduced by the charm of Menorca, a destination that will make you daydream!

By Victor Cervelló

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