“Rodando Burgos” or how to discover a film city

Burgos has revolutionized the concept of screen tourism with “Rodando Burgos”. Four short films with a dual purpose: to raise awareness of the Castilian city and to promote local audiovisual creation. The initiative has the collaboration of the Burgos Film Commission, the office in charge of attracting film shoots and promoting, the increasingly, popular film trips.

Although it is one of the most emblematic cities of Castilla y León, especially for its amazing historical and artistic heritage, the short films will reveal new facets to travellers looking for inspiration for their next visit. It is a unique opportunity to get to know the most contemporary version of this destination. Today we tell you all about “Rodando Burgos”, so stay and live what you see!

The 4 short films you need to get to know Burgos

“Rodando Burgos” is an initiative of one of the mother institutions of the Burgos Film Commission: the Burgos City Council, through Promueve Burgos, the Society for the Promotion and Development of the City of Burgos.

Artesaníais the first of the four short films presented. It is followed by “El rey de la semana“, “De paso” and Agrio“. Each has a central theme around which the script has been built, exploring aspects such as logistics, industry, culture and tourism. Although they deal with different themes, they all have a common denominator: they deal with everyday stories of very real characters.

The “Rodando Burgos” projects that have already been released / Burgos Conecta

The filming, which took place in a few weeks in the winter of 2022-23, allows us to recognize various locations, although probably in a different way than usual. Eschewing the traditional documentary, it seeks to attract the viewer through experiences that explore unique places, such as the gardens of the University of Burgos, the Flora and Llanas squares, the surroundings of San Esteban and the CAB, as well as the Plaza Mayor. It has also been filmed in outlying neighbourhoods and in an industrial estate, without neglecting the natural spaces of the Castle and the Arlanzón River.

“Artesanía”, the first short film published, was shot in Calle San Lorenzo, a central street in the city that runs between the church of San Lorenzo and the arcaded Plaza Mayor. It is a pedestrian, cobbled street with a very traditional atmosphere. San Lorenzo runs through the heart of a historic centre, nowadays the guardian of a past full of stories and legends and converted into a commercial and cultural centre. It is not surprising that the director has chosen this street to recreate a plot in defence of local commerce against the big franchises.

The rest of the short films in the project will be released in the coming months and will serve as an excuse to publicize a land where the audiovisual legacy goes back a long way. It is therefore not surprising that an audiovisual project of these characteristics has been chosen, given that Burgos has a long history with cinema. Both the city and the province have hosted renowned filming for years, such as the Goya awarded “El abuelo” (José Luís Garci, 1998), or the memorable comedy “El milagro de P. Tinto” (Javier Fesser, 1998), which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary at its filming locations.

A first-class team

From the beginning, one of the main objectives of “Rodando Burgos” has been to guarantee artistic quality. To achieve this, the direction has been entrusted to David Pérez Sañudo, a renowned screenwriter and director. Pérez Sañudo won three Goyas with “Ane” (2020), as well as the Audience Award at the Toulouse Film Festival and Best Film at the Basque Film Week, among other awards.

The Monastery of Las Huelgas is one of the must-see places in Burgos / Agatha Selgas

The choice of actors has been another key factor in the success of the project, bringing quality and great interpretative strength to the productions. First class actors and actresses with a recognized track record have been chosen, such as Álvaro Cervantes, Nacho Sánchez, Patricia López de Arnaiz, Itziar Ituño, Urko Olazabal, Fernando Albizu, Luis Callejo and Paula Usero.

The short films are receiving a first-class reception in the festival circuit where they are being presented. So far, “Artesanía” has been selected in eighteen festivals and has won five awards between the Semana de Cine en Medina del Campo, the ICOFF Gasteiz and the Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes Luna de Cortos.

Burgos, a fairytale city

Do cobbled streets, a medieval cathedral and castle not remind you of a fairytale? The magic in Burgos grows around the cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece, which is the city’s most representative monument and a World Heritage Site. But also the Monastery of Santa María la Real de las Huelgas, the Carthusian Monastery of Miraflores or the Castle of Burgos. However, if we are talking about history, the star is the Museum of Human Evolution -MEH- and the nearby Atapuerca archaeological site, a unique opportunity to learn about human evolution in one of the most important museum complexes specializing in archaeology in Europe.

The Museum of Human Evolution is unique in Europe / Castilla y León Film Commission

If after watching any of the short films in “Rodando Burgos” you decide to head for this vibrant city and escape for a few days, let the City Council’s Tourist Office advise you and… Why not complete your trip with one of the film routes suggested by Burgos Film Commission? Without a doubt, a unique experience is waiting for you in this Castilian city.

By Victor Cervelló

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