Carmona, a privileged setting for “The invisible girl”

Carmona is the setting for the disturbing thriller “The Invisible Girl”, the Disney+ and Morena Films series, based on the successful suspense trilogy by the writer Blue Jeans. In the fiction, Carmona is transformed into Cárdena, a small Andalusian village where a murder shatters the calm of its daily life. 

Carmona is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia, and with good reason. Its historic monuments preserve a unique homogeneity. This undoubtedly facilitates the work of the Carmona Film Office and Andalucía Film Commission in promoting this place as an excellent film set and also makes it one of the best destinations for any screen tourist.

A thriller with an Andalusian accent

Throughout the 8 episodes of “The Invisible Girl”, the plot becomes entangled in a mysterious murder that involves all the inhabitants of the village. There is no doubt that the director of the series, Tito López, has managed to create a distressing atmosphere that heightens the tension in each of the episodes. The choice of Carmona as the main setting could not have been otherwise: it is the hometown of the writer Blue Jeans, and the story had already been inspired by it. 

The filming was not without its adversities, as during the four months the team had to deal with the intense heat waves that occurred during July and August in Andalusia. On the other hand, they were able to enjoy the Feria de Carmona, 

It is clear that the visitor will be surprised to discover the luminosity of Carmona through this dark story about a crime.

The plot revolves around the character of Aurora Ríos, a teenager who is almost invisible to everyone, friendless and fed up with her town. Her murder triggers a series of events that guide the investigation of Miguel Ángel, the sergeant of the Guardia Civil’s Judicial Police, and his daughter Julia, a classmate of the invisible girl and obsessed with finding answers. The main characters are masterfully played by Daniel Grao (Miguel Ángel) and Zoe Stein (Julia).

Zoe Stein and Javier Córdoba, with Carmona in the background / Julio Vergne for Disney+

“The Invisible Girl” is the latest production that has chosen Carmona as a set. But it is more than eighty years since the love affair between the city and celluloid began. The origins date back to 1942 with Luis Marquina’s “Malvaloca”, a romantic drama starring Amparo Rivelles, which was a great success at the time. 

From there, came films as well known as “Carmen” (2003) by Vicente Aranda or “Manolete” (2008) by Menno Meyjes. Paz Vega, Adrien Brody and Penélope Cruz have all had their romances, adventures and misadventures in the white, cobbled streets of Carmona. 

In recent years, it has been series that seem to have conquered Carmona. Sharing the limelight with Seville, Movistar+’s “La Peste” (2018) was a hit with audiences.

The same year, we could also see Carmona sharing locations with Seville in “La otra mirada” (2018), produced by Boomerang TV for RTVE. This series has gained fame for its portrayal of life inside an academy for young ladies in Seville in the 1920s.

Route “Carmona de Cine”

If we have piqued your curiosity with these references, the best way to get to know the city through its filming is to follow the route proposed by Carmona Film Office, “Carmona de Cine“. A tour of the thirteen most representative locations in the city that you can follow on Google Maps.

Any street in Carmona invites you to take a walk / Carmona Film Office and Turismo de Carmona

The route is a spectacle of culture, art and cinema. It starts at the Alcázar de la Puerta de Sevilla, an imposing castle that bears witness to 900 years of peninsular history and has been the setting for the productions we have already mentioned: “La Peste”, “Manolete” and “La otra mirada”. The tour passes through the most important places of the town, including palaces and noble houses, churches, viewpoints and outstanding streets and culminates in the Alcázar del Rey Don Pedro, the other great construction of Muslim origin that shows the importance of the city over the years and where “Amar y Morir en Sevilla” (2000), “La Peste” and “Carmen” were filmed.

Carmona, beyond the screen

In addition to the film route and discovering the town’s impressive cultural heritage, visiting Carmona gives you the chance to enjoy all kinds of film experiences. The town council organises various themed activities throughout the year, so if your visit coincides with one of them, you’ll be able to enjoy a very authentic holiday.

Light is one of the great attractions of Carmona / Carmona Film Office and Turismo de Carmona

In October you can enjoy workshops and dramatised visits based on Roman culture. In November there is a tapas competition that showcases regional specialities. Of course, Easter is one of the most special moments in the city’s festive calendar. Here, these dates of meditation and devotion are celebrated in a less crowded way, so it is a good time to visit.  In May the Feria is held, which has nothing to envy to that of the neighbouring city of Seville. In June, conferences, exhibitions, visits and concerts are organised around its impressive cultural heritage.

Whether you’re an experienced fan of screen tourism or you’re just starting out in this world, Carmona is a destination that won’t leave you indifferent. Stroll through its historic streets at sunset, visit its most famous monuments and immerse yourself in the charm of this Andalusian town that comes alive on screen thanks to the work of the Carmona Film Office, which is in charge of attracting and facilitating film shoots in the area. Here, without a doubt, you will not feel invisible. 

By Víctor Cervelló

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