Aragon Pyrenees: open all year round

Have you seen the film “Mari(dos)” and fallen in love with the landscapes that appear in it? You’re not the only one! The feature film, directed by Lucía Alemany, stars Paco León and Ernesto Alterio. The main setting of this fiction is one of the most beautiful places in Spain: the Aragonese Pyrenees. With its impressive mountains and valleys, it is easy to understand why the filmmaker chose this area to shoot her film. Moreover, the dedication of the Aragon Film Commission not only facilitated the development of this feature film, but its knowledge of the territory allows us to tell you the many reasons why this destination is worth a getaway. All this without forgetting that some scenes were filmed in Navacerrada (Madrid) where there is also a Film Office that supports the attraction of filming in the territory and whose website you can discover other proposals for screen tourism.

Lose yourself in the landscape where “Mari(dos)” was filmed

The film has managed to capture the beauty of the area in such a way that it will inspire you for an unforgettable holiday. But don’t think it was all plain sailing during filming, because at the beginning of the shoot it hadn’t snowed enough to recreate the ski resort atmosphere that the scriptwriters had imagined. Fortunately, they went ahead and a few weeks later the weather was fine and in this case, it snowed as much as they wanted.

The film’s locations are in some of the most impressive places in this mountain range: the well-known ski resorts of Formigal – Panticosa, Candanchú, and the Balneario de Panticosa, a classic mountain resort.

Paco León doesn’t like driving, although in this film he is seen driving along a beautiful snowy road. So, what better plan than touring the mountain villages that took part in the filming: Lanuza, Fiscal and Sallent de Gállego, or the winding road to the Portalet border.

Sallent de Gállego / Aragón Film Commission

Summer activities in the valleys of Tena and Aragon

A trip to the Pyrenees in summer is full of possibilities. The ski resorts reinvent themselves in the summer season and offer an experience based on hiking and adventure sports. More and more people, in search of active tourism, are coming to the valleys of Tena and Aragon to enjoy their holidays.

Panticosa Lake / Aragón Film Commission

If you are looking for fun activities for the whole family, the possibilities are endless. One of the most popular is the Panticosa cable car. Can you imagine accessing the best viewpoint in the valley? In addition to the breathtaking views, you will be able to start high mountain trekking routes adapted to all ages.

If you like high altitude travel, the Artouste train is for you, and will delight young and old alike. It is the highest tourist train in Europe, at an altitude of 2,000 metres. The route takes you to Lake Artouste and offers breathtaking views of the Ossau Valley in France.

If you prefer something a little more adventurous, you can’t leave without taking a walk along the footbridges over the Caldares River in Panticosa. A walk on the water that will take your breath away. To complete the experience with more adrenaline, the Biescas Adventure Park offers you sport, fun and gastronomy in equal parts, with nine zip-line circuits for all the family.

Lanuza Reservoir / Aragón Film Commission

Let’s face it, in summer it’s hot even in the mountains, and there’s no better way to cool off than a dip in the waters of the river Gállego. In the Lanuza reservoir you can enjoy a fun day of water activities such as paddle surfing or kayaking. And continuing with the water, we cannot forget the queen activity of the Aragonese valleys: canyoning. Narrow canyons and good water flow are waiting for you.

Make time to lose yourself in the villages, roads and corners of the valley. Taste its gastronomy, organise an evening in the village tavern and enjoy the small pleasures of life for a few days.

Music sounds in the mountains: Pirineos Sur Festival

The mountains are not all dreamlike landscapes and unforgettable hikes. There is also room for culture and fun. Every summer, the Pirineos Sur International Festival of Cultures is held next to the Lanuza reservoir. This festival, which has been running for thirty years, is a meeting point between continents, cultures and sounds, which takes place in the wonderful surroundings of the Tena Valley and Serrablo. 

The main stage of the festival is the Natural Auditorium of Lanuza, located in an incomparable setting over the waters of the reservoir and surrounded by the most emblematic peaks of the Aragonese Pyrenees. There are also other stages such as the one in Sallent de Gállego, where more minimalist and free concerts are held on weekdays, and where the World Market takes place, a unique daytime experience that will take you through a whole world of sensations. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the most authentic Pyrenees, experience a high mountain holiday or enjoy music in such an incomparable auditorium, an experience between nature and culture that you won’t forget!

By Victor Cervelló

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